Kathleen DiPaolo applies her holistic approach to design and strategic, luxury solutions to every project she undertakes, while guiding her clients to invest in the most cost-effective, practical, and appealing options for their homes. Her approach centers on creating intelligent interior design that ensures that she delivers on her clients’ needs and desires, while being mindful of their return on investment (ROI), or – as Kathleen likes to think of it – Return on Interiors.

Kathleen’s unique, luxury-meets-value approach to each home begins with a comprehensive assessment of the property and continues with her developing and seamlessly executing a strategic design plan. While Kathleen applies her proprietary Return on Interiors philosophy throughout the process, she never loses sight of the paramount importance of creating beautiful, functional, and timeless spaces that reflect her clients’personal style.

Kathleen DiPaolo Designs offers three different services to accommodate every client’s needs:

Full Service Interior Design
Renovations, Remodels, New Builds and Redecorating

  • Site and project analysis
  • Space planning
  • Design concept development
  • Collaborative consulting with architects and trades
  • Selection of interior and exterior finishes
  • Procurement of custom furniture, upholstery, flooring, window treatments, art and lighting

The Property Solver
At a crossroads and don’t know what to do with your home?  Tear it down, remodel, do nothing?
This consultation will provide:

  • Site and project analysis that will help you determine the direction of the project – tear down, remodel, sell, or buy/build new.
  • Create a realistic budget to maximize your investment and an appropriate timeline for the scope of work determined during site/project analysis.
  • Using our proprietary Return on Interiors System, Kathleen DiPaolo Designs will create an Action Plan for architects/contractors or the DIY’er.
  • Entire fee for this service applicable towards a full-service interior design fee (see above) with KDD.

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